We Need To Talk About These Memes

Memes. Love them or hate them, they’re great for tagging friends in for a good laugh or just cheering yourself up when you’re having a rough day.

Unfortunately, they’re not always used for good *sigh* there’s always that one group of people that takes it to a whole new level. Why ruin something that brings so much fun and entertainment?

Just a quick google search of ‘mixed memes’ and you will be faced with images that use racist stereotypes and sexism in a poor attempt at making a joke. Well we’re not laughing.

Surprisingly no one has addressed this problem that is rife on the internet. Other memes which are masked as advocating for mixed people promote very problematic ideas that need to be stopped.

Let’s take a look at the damage shall we?



This is sexualising children and turning an entire race of people into a fetish. It’s also making silly assumptions that every mixed child looks like this, that apparently we all have light eyes, a light brown skin tone and curly hair. The worst thing of all is that it is validating our existence by our beauty, suggesting that if we don’t fit into this beauty ideal we aren’t worth anything.



Good one, because you can’t trust black people? This is perpetuating the deeply ingrained racist stereotype that black men are dangerous and aggressive. It’s also trying to say that mixed white and black people are ashamed of their blackness, as we have to calm people down to say that ‘we’re only half so it’s alright’. Not cool.



Everything about this is awful. The meme is suggesting that dark skinned black women are unattractive – which could not be further from the truth! It’s also trying to say that they’re not proud of their ethnicity and that they try to use the notion of being mixed as a way of excusing it. Whoever made this meme has the idea that all mixed women are beautiful and have light skin tones, and that dark skinned women can’t be mixed or beautiful. Absolute nonsense!

To our disgust, there are many variations of these type of memes circulating around the internet. For some ignorant people they could be ‘light-hearted jokes’, but it’s not a joke when you have to live with the serious implications of the  harmful ideas that they’re feeding to people.

All of the memes that were found were relating to mixed white and black people. This diminishes the many different ethnic variations of people who identify as being mixed and just shows that these people have no idea what they’re on about!

The big question is: why are social media sites allowing images like this to be shared when you can get banned for having your nip out in a photo?!



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