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6 Reasons Why Sexism Is Ruining Clubbing

Clubbing is meant to be the staple of entertainment in your youth, getting wasted, dancing with friends and having a good time right?!

Like most people in their early twenties, I enjoy a good night out to let my hair down and throw some serious dance moves. But there are a lot of  disturbing things about clubbing that put me off more and more each time.

  1.The idea that you have to go clubbing on the mission to get with someone

Even if you’re in a relationship, you’re still expected to be willing to hook up with a               guy who demands to see your boyfriend or asks where they are. I’ve got it all ,’so? where’s your boyfriend now?’, ‘call his number and I’ll talk to him’, ‘let me see a picture’. It’s pretty disgusting that we’re even asked to prove ourselves.

If we wanted to cheat with you would we bother saying we weren’t single?

If we made up that we had a boyfriend, does that mean that we want to be with you?

Single women get the same nonsense with constant hassling even when they say that they’re not interested, or the guy ringing the number that you’ve given them to check that it’s not a fake one used to get rid of them.

2. Drink Prostitution 

So you get talking to a guy and they offer to buy you a drink and you happily accept the offer, naively thinking oh what a nice person…aaand that’s when they try it on with you or expect you to be tied to them for the entire night.

Apparently accepting a drink = agreeing to marry them and have their babies.

But seriously, buying us a drink isn’t a ticket into our pants. It’s got to a point where it’s just common knowledge now that if you accept a drink from a guy you’re  basically giving consent.

Where do some men get this sense of entitlement from?

3. Unwanted Physical Contact 

I couldn’t even count on both hands the amount of times a random man has inappropriately touched me without permission in a club. I don’t care how drunk they are, it’s sexual assault.

People like to make fun of the way women hold hands and stick together in clubs, but it’s for good reason. We’re prey to men who think that we’re fair game  to do anything they like with, without any consequences.

 4. Fetishization 

Please for the love of God do not tell me that you love my tan, that you’ve always wanted to get with a ‘lighty’, that I’m so ‘exotic’, or ask me to twerk. Yes I have actually got all of these before, and if anyone repeats these I will not be responsible for my actions.

Fetishization of POC women unfortunately happens all the time, but it seems to be heightened in a nightclub environment.

 5. Men assuming we’re dancing for them 

My favourite thing about clubbing is dancing to great music with my friends, but this is ruined by men sneaking up behind us and trying to force us to dance with them.

It’s hard to understand the thought process of, ‘oh these girls look like they’re having a good time, let me foist myself upon them’.

Just let us dance in peace, if you want to dance why don’t you try asking first?

 6. Creepy Taxi Drivers 

The majority of taxi drivers are fine, but there are always a few that are a bit dodgy. I’ve had taxi drivers ask for my number, ask me which flat I live in, and be generally leery by talking about my looks or my figure.

This is far from ideal when you’re on your own at 4 in the morning, at the hands of the taxi driver to get you home safely.


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