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Award-Winning Playwright Thomas Bradshaw Announces Play on America’s First Mixed – Race Family

Fearless American playwright, Thomas Bradshaw, has been commissioned by the Marin Theatre Company (MTC) in California for a play named Thomas and Sally.

This satiric comedy will explore the relationship between American founding father, Thomas Jefferson, and his mixed slave Sally Hemings (who was the half-sister of his deceased wife) and their children, in a time when interracial relationships were illegal.

The world-premiere of Thomas and Sally will confront histories of race relations during the pre-civil war era and how this had an influence on the way that Jefferson addressed race issues, which have an impact on what America has become today.

The relationship between Thomas and Sally has been widely publicised but never threatened his reputation as a founding father. Sally remained a slave under Jefferson until she died in 1835, yet their surviving four children were the only slaves that he ever freed.

 Thomas and Sally gives us a fly on the wall perspective behind the closed doors of one of American’s most notable figures, who’s famously known for saying ‘All men are created equal’, despite owning slaves throughout his lifetime.

Click here to find out more

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