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Our Gram’s Place – A Social Nation for Grandparents of Mixed Grandkids

Our Gram’s Place is a brand new social community especially for grandparents that have mixed grandchildren.

Rick Fairely, founder of Our Gram’s Place said: “This is an opportunity to create a global village for the fiercest creatures in society – Grandmas and Grandpas”

Our Gram’s Place provides a sharing community for grandparents where they can provide access to relevant information, and interact with each other, sharing stories, advice and their love of grand-parenting.

“We are a #wikipedia, a #playground, a #haven, a #lovefest, and #community for grandparents where they can engage, exchange and exhale around cultural nuances” – Ricky Fairely

In the UK, mixed race is the fastest growing and third-largest ethnicity group, with the prediction that it will be the largest by 2020. It’s is also one of the youngest as 47% are under 16 years old.

In the US, 50% of children born are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group by 2020.

Interracial relationships are a common sight today, and are becoming more and more accepted, so there will be a growing amount of grandparents of mixed grandchildren.

To find out more visit their Facebook page: Our Grams Place

Or follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @OurGramsPlace




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