Blogger Hates on Serena Williams for Interracial Pregnancy

Melony Hill, a writer at the Urban Twist, wrote a disturbing article saying that she was ‘disgusted’ at professional tennis player Serena Williams’ pregnancy with fiance Alex Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit who is white.

‘I can’t help but feel that way when I see dark skin, successful women marry into other cultures. I ask myself, how can they want to raise children who don’t look like them? How can they raise kids who look at them and don’t see their own reflection?’ – Melony Hill

Hill writes that she was ‘enraged that another prominent Black woman would decide to marry outside of her race’.

When Williams and Ohanian got engaged four months ago, she wrote an article with the headline: ‘We Lost Another One. Serena “Hottentot” Williams is Engaged, and He’s White’.

In this article Hill tries to argue that black women shouldn’t get into interracial relationships because of the history of slavery when white slave owners raped their black slave owners.

She even goes as far to say ‘I’m one who believes desegregation and legalizing interracial marriage destroyed the Black community’.

Discussing Serena’s unborn child, Hill writes:

‘Like Janet Jackson’s new white-looking baby I’m going to look at this little mixed race person she brings into the world and say to Myself “she doesn’t love herself.’

It’s about time that this myth is denounced, an interracial relationship in itself doesn’t have any association with self-worth. Having a white partner does not make someone anti-black.

These problematic ideas marginalise those who rightly express their freedom of being with whoever they want regardless of race. There should only be a reason for concern in an interracial relationship if there is a lack of respect for each other’s culture and ethnicity.

Interracial marriage has been legal since 1967 in the US, and has only recently started to gain wide acceptance, yet there are still people that think this way.

It’s 2017, why are we regressing rather than progressing?

This is also extremely discriminatory to multiracial people who have already had to deal with some form of rejection from their heritage. Hill is just another person putting their two cents in by saying that we shouldn’t exist and using us as a scapegoat for racial tensions.

This is a prime example of how mixed babies do not cure racism.

The blogger then argues that the main issue is that their child wouldn’t look like them, so people wouldn’t know who it belongs to. Although this is a struggle that people experience, it shouldn’t matter what the child will look like or what ignorant people think.

This isn’t the first time that someone has voiced an uninvited opinion of the tennis player’s pregnancy.

Romanian tennis player, Ilie Nastase, has got himself into hot water by making a derogatory comment on the appearance of Serena and Alex’s child. Nastase was heard saying, “Let’s see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?”.

He is now being investigated by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) who have released the following statement:

‘The ITF does not tolerate discriminatory and offensive language and behaviour of any kind. We are aware of alleged comments made by Romanian captain Ilie Nastase and have begun an immediate investigation so that we have the full facts of the situation before taking further and appropriate action.’

You would hope that by now there wouldn’t be such a worrying fascination of multiracial bodies, especially since we’re now so much more visible in society.

If you must know, chocolate and milk go great together.

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