6 Degrees of Hapa – Spreading Hapa-ness One T-Shirt at a Time

6 Degrees of Hapa is a California-based, family business that prides itself in ‘celebrating mixed cultures and spreading a little Hapa pride’. The Hawaiian term, ‘Hapa’ means someone who is partially of East Asian, South East Asian, or Pacific Islander descent.

Famous Hapa’s include Tiger Woods (African, Chinese, Native American, Thai, European), Vanessa Hudgens, Dwayne Johnson (Samoan, African, European) and the child of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon.

6 Degrees of Hapa operates as a pop-up at local Asian-American events, and an online store which you can visit here.

“The idea for 6 Degrees of Hapa came about when our family and our friends, who are also a Hapa family, started discussing how there weren’t many brands that were created for and by Hapas. Think about it–we’re a very large and diverse community with our own cultures and subcultures, so why not celebrate it?”

Committed to protecting the environment, their quirky organic cotton t-shirts are printed with eco-friendly water-based ink. Founder, Naomi designs and makes the products herself which are described as ‘fun’, ‘long-lasting’, and ‘food-related’. If you’re curious, you can read about the t-shirt printing process here.

6 Degrees of Hapa also sells sweatshirts, swimwear, child and baby clothes, jewellery, hats and even printed bandannas for your furry friends.



The Hapa community is thriving in California, according to the LA Times ‘one third of the nation’s hapa’s live in California’.

Speaking on her ambitions for the business, Naomi says, “One of my goals in starting 6 Degrees of Hapa was to create a business that gives those who identify as mixed a way to embrace their heritages without feeling a need to pick just one.”


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