The Mix-Up is back!

The Mix-Up magazine is back and open for contributors.

Hello all! If you have been a reader or follower of the Mix-Up magazine I want to give a massive thank you.

I started this magazine back in 2017 as part of my final year university project, but also as a passion project. As a mixed woman myself, I found it (and still do) challenging to navigate a world in which you can never quite fit into unless you’re monoracial. I created the Mix-Up as a safe space for multiracial women of all backgrounds to find joy in our shared differences.

It amazes me to see that there are readers from all over the world reading my little magazine, and the support has been incredible. Post-graduation life has been pretty hectic but I feel that now, at a time of fear, uncertainty, and for a lot of us – extra time on our hands, is a better time than ever to get the Mix-Up back and running again.

I hope that you enjoy the magazine, and as always the Mix-Up email inbox is open for contributors!

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