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Mixed Congolese-Chinese Reality Contestant Attacked by Racist Trolls

Mixed race Congolese-Chinese reality TV contestant, Zhong Feifei, has been attacked by racist trolls on social media.

Beauty blogger and reality TV contestant, Zhong Feifei (also known as Winnie Zhong) has faced a wave of racist abuse after joining a Chinese reality show. According to allkpop, Zhong is the first half-black contestant to appear on a mainstream idol survival show in China.

Born to a Chinese mother and an African Congolese father, growing up in China wasn’t easy as she was bullied for her darker skin tone and naturally curly hair.

Gifted with beauty and brains, the Blasian 24-year-old studied International Relations at Boston University and is a graduate student at John Hopkins University studying Counter-Terrorism.


Since the news hit of Zhong joining ‘Produce Camp 2020’, earlier this month, her profile on social networking site, Weibo, has been flooded with racism-fuelled comments.

Racist trolls have called her the Chinese version of the N-word and even created anonymous twitter accounts comparing her to trash and animals.

This comes at a time when black people are being racially discriminated against in China under the guise that they may have the coronavirus.

In Guangzhou, this has led to black people being kicked out of their accommodation and barred from restaurants, shops and hotels.

Some Produce Camp 2020 fans have been comparing Lana, a Russian contestant, against Zhong predicting that Lana will be more popular among Chinese viewers because she is white.

Staying strong in the face of abuse, Zhong has responded to some of the ridiculous comments targeted at her.

One user commented: “Just thinking a bunch of mixed people from now on will proudly call themselves “Descendants of the Fiery Emperor and Yellow Emperor”, “Descendants of the Dragon”, don’t know if the ancestors in hell would be mad!”.

Zhong put them in their place replying with, “If you don’t know, then go down there and ask. I am a living person and don’t respond to those types of questions.”

International fans of Zhong have expressed their excitement at more diversity on Chinese television and greater representation for mixed African-Asian women.

Fans of the talent show have hopes that casting directors will be more open to recruiting contestants from a wider range of ethnic backgrounds in the future.

Zhong Feifei's Instagram
Source: Instagram (@xxbunno)

In just a few days her Instagram following has skyrocketed to the thousands, with fans leaving encouraging comments and support.

The star has gained a massive fan base of supporters around the world who are rooting for her by calling out the haters and persuading others to vote for her on the show.

Good luck Zhong Feifei!

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