British Kenyan Storyteller’s Inspiring Coronavirus Poem

Professional storyteller, Mara the Storyteller, has written a mesmerising poem called ‘Poem From the Corona King’.

Drawing on her Scottish and Kenyan heritage, Mara Menzies uses performative storytelling and narration to tell modern stories in ancient worlds.

Mara’s latest production, ‘Blood and Gold‘ was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. The performance explored the impact of colonialism and slavery and was nominated for the Filipa Braganca award for best emerging solo female performance.

Inspired by a heartbreaking story in Kenya of a young widow unable to feed her children, Mara wrote the ‘Poem From the Corona King’ in one morning to “give hope in desperate circumstances”.

“The mother I mention towards the end is a heartbreaking story from Kenya where a young widow had no food and so boiled stones to trick her children into thinking she was making a meal. Trying to give hope in desperate circumstances. She is now receiving help but our world is so full of these stories and nobody knows what another is going through. So let’s be kind!”

Watch Mara’s mesmerising poem below, it might just give you that well-needed bit of hope during these crazy times!

Source: @MaratheStoryteller on Facebook


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