5 Mixed Podcasts To Keep You Entertained During Lockdown

Feel like you’ve exhausted every board game, baked every type of bread possible, and streamed the whole of Netflix? Banish the lockdown boredom by listening to these five amazing podcasts that explore the mixed race experience.

Some Kind of Brown

Hosted by Natalie Evans, Some Kind of Brown is a safe space for people of all mixes and backgrounds.

As a multiracial woman, having grown up on the ‘Bible Belt’ of the Southern USA, Natalie shares her experiences and chats with a range of special guests on mixed issues.

“My hope is that this page will grow to be a little piece of “home” for all of us– a place to share and verbalize our own experiences with one another– because no matter your mix, you will always find solidarity here at Some Kind of Brown.”

Natalie Evans

Some Kind of Brown’s latest podcasts collaborate with Soph from Mixed Present, a popular Instagram account which is run by and for mixed people.

66 – Lightning Bug 1, The Softer Side of Growing Up in the South Some Kind of Brown Podcast

I know it’s cheesy, but what would it really be something from me if I didn’t stick something like that in here? This is a lot more chill than I usually am and especially a more chill topic. Let me know if you like these kinds of stories and what kinds of content you’d like to help us bring some light and joy into every month. I hope you’re well and I’d love to hear your stories about growing up! 💙💙💙 Natalie More of Some Kind of Brown Offerings Youtube Channel Instagram Twitter Patreon — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/some-kind-of-brown-podcast/support
  1. 66 – Lightning Bug 1, The Softer Side of Growing Up in the South
  2. Announcement: Lightning Bugs
  3. 65 – Two Whole Years and So Many Things
  4. 64 – Where I've Been and Where We're Going
  5. 63 – Why are We Like This? with Mixed Present and Asian_Soph Part 2

Militantly Mixed

Sharmane ‘MixedGirlMane’ Fury runs Militantly Mixed, a podcast which is centered on identity and race from a mixed race perspective.

Militantly Mixed podcasts cover everything from intersectional feminism, multiracial families, hair, and genral life being mixed! You can even get Militantly Mixed clothing for those mega fans out there.

Strange Allyship: Black…White…&…Yellow Militantly Mixed

This week, I am joined by Sidra K an artist of Mixed Japanese and Polish+ descent. We met in a FB group where she posted about a strange advertisement that was an attempt to be allyship but missed the mark. Listen in while we chat about that and what it is like being the only Asian in a small rural community in Virginia.    Follow my guest! Facebook Page – SidraK.Art Website – SidraK-art   * * * Don't forget to get you Be Your Mixed Ass Self 2020 Fundraiser T-shirt before they're gone! Orders can be placed until Nov. 30th   https://teespring.com/be-your-mixed-ass-self-2020   * * * If you are in need of masks, that are fashionable and have a culture spin then check out my new website… Masks By Mane, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women in honor of Native American/ Indigenous People's Month and #RedNovember raising awareness about the Missing and Murdered Women, girls, & 2 Spirit people #MMIWG2S   https://www.csvanw.org/mmiw/   Also, if you would like to visit my virtual comic book store, head on over to Gulf Coast Cosmos for all your comic book needs.  * * * You can continue the conversation on our private Facebook group after you listen to this episode at http://facebook.com/groups/militantlymixed * * * Produced and Edited by: Sharmane Fury  Music by: David Bogan, the One – https://www.dbtheone.com/ * * * Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or leave us a voicemail at 323-545-6001 * * * Militantly Mixed is a fan-sponsored podcast, if you are enjoying the show please consider sponsoring us on Patreon or Paypal today! You can also purchase Militantly Mixed enamel pins in the Masks By Mane Store. Thank you. This is a ManeHustle Media Podcast. Turn your side hustle into your ManeHustle.  
  1. Strange Allyship: Black…White…&…Yellow
  2. Activism While Mixed: A Militantly Mixed Panel Discussion
  3. Special EXTRA episode: Blasian March NYC
  4. Mixed @ Berkeley: Saige's Perspective
  5. Just Catching Up

Mixed Theory

The Mixed Theory podcast was created to celebrate the grey area of being neither black nor white, but both. Hosted by Amber Phoenix, Mixed Theory explores interracial relationships, identity, education, and the mixing of different cultures.

“You are a magical mixture of both your father and your mother; their ancestry and ethnical heritage is packaged within you and displayed for all to see. Mixed Theory wants  to encourage you to harness all that genetically makes you, you.”

Amber Phoenix – Mixed Theory

Special guests on the show include community outreach advocates and mixed individuals who discuss their ancestry and unique perspectives.

mxdflz (mixed-feels)

The podcast mxdflz (mixed-feels) was created by a group of professional creatives with academic backgrounds in philosophy, psycho-analysis, and race and gender studies. They craft stories, art and ideas that draw on a series of non-binary issues.

As well as a podcast, there is a Mxdflz blog with think pieces from multiracial perspectives on rarely discussed topics.

podcast episode 6: breaking the rules of race w/ dr. anthony ocampo MXDFLZ PODCAST

in this episode we sit down with dr. anthony ocampo to discuss his book "the latinos of asia: how filipino americans break the rules of race". anthony is a filipino-american sociologist, author and educator whose work focuses on race, immigration and lgbtq issues. we discuss a wide range of relevant topics pertaining to the politics of race in the united states through the filipino-american experience. we talk about the fluid and contextual nature of race, shared panethnic experiences between ethnic groups, fictive kin and family, the intersection between the mixed-race and filipino experience, social power and whiteness, knowledge production in academia, and much more. dr. ocampo also gives us a preview of his next book, "to be brown and gay in LA".
  1. podcast episode 6: breaking the rules of race w/ dr. anthony ocampo
  2. podcast episode 5: breaking down layers of contradiction w/ camille hoffman
  3. podcast episode 4: in constant translation w/ caroline mariko stucky
  4. podcast episode 3: like fine silk w/ sandra manzanares
  5. podcast episode 2: the wa and japanese identity

My American Melting Pot

My American Melting Pot is a bi-weekly podcast that revolves around conversations and stories “about the intersection of Race and Real Life“.

Lori L. Tharps, award-winning author and journalist, started the podcast with the aim of dismantling white supremacy, celebrating diversity, and challenging racism.

Don't be Racist: You Can't Say That My American Meltingpot

Last week on the podcast, we talked about the importance of using your voice to confront racist behavior. On today's episode, we're flipping the script to discuss what NOT to say as an anti-racist warrior. In other words, how to avoid ever having someone say to you, 'You can't say that, that's racist.' Listen in to hear my list of questions, sentences and phrases you should remove from your vocabulary and why…if you want to be a good anti-racist warrior. Note, white people, this episode really is for you.  Clearly this episode would take hours if I actually covered every single word or phrase that could be considered racist. So, I don't do that. Instead, I’m sharing a short list of common phrases, questions and sentences that people say, that for the most part are considered racist or racially insensitive when uttered by white people. Of course, there is always an exception to the rules I'm sharing – and nuance and context matter too – but if you remove these phrases from your daily chatter, I promise it will aid you on your journey to being a good anti-racist. Links and Additional Resources on What Not to SayThe racist history of mispronouncing and renaming people of color.Teen Vogue explains why 'Black on Black crime' is a racist phrase that falsely pathologizes the Black community.A hilarious video that demonstrates why you shouldn't ask Asian Americans and Latinos where they are from.A heartfelt column from the Chicago Tribune that explains why we should make the shift from 'slave' to 'enslaved' when referencing African Americans in antebellum America.Proof, that hard shell tacos with tomatoes and cheddar are not Mexican food.You can grab a copy of Anti-Racist Baby for yourself or a friend on the My American Meltingpot online bookstore. And don't forget to visit My American Meltingpot for more resources and inspiration.  
  1. Don't be Racist: You Can't Say That
  2. Don't Be Racist: Use Your Voice
  3. Don't Be Racist – Decolonize Your Mind
  4. Lesson 2: Don't Be Racist: Take Action
  5. Lesson #1: Master Your Mindset to be an Anti-Racism Warrior

Got a favourite podcast that we haven’t mentioned here? Let us know what your favourite mixed podcasts are in the comments!

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