Mixed Teen Holds Black Lives Matter Protest

Seventeen year-old school girl, Tanisha Wynter, has held a Black Lives Matter protest in her local neighbourhood in Kent.

Unable to join the London protests in Trafalgar Square due to coronavirus concerns, Tanisha wanted to show her support in response to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of US police.

Source: Kent Online/Taya Mariie

Thousands of demonstrators stood together in solidarity during peaceful protests across the UK. On Sunday protesters marched to Downing Street and the US embassy holding placards, taking the kneel, and commemorating victims of police brutality.

The brave teen, who is mixed race but identifies as black, was so horrified by the video footage of George Floyd’s killing that she wanted to do something to raise support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Despite the misconception by some that racist violence is just an American issue, Tanisha raised awareness with a handmade plaque of victims in the UK.

Source: Kent Online/Taya Mariie

The list also includes Belly Mujinga, a black railway worker who was spat and coughed at by someone who had Covid-19, and later died form the disease.

Speaking to Kent Online on her experiences with racism in the UK, she said:

 “I think in comparison with America, Britain is seen as better, but there is still covert racism. My dad’s side of the family is black and so are several people I work with. At our last Christmas party, it was them the police pulled over saying they looked a bit suspicious. I know this could happen to anyone, but there are statistics showing it is more likely to happen to a black person.”

Although the last few months have been very hard on BAME communities, with a higher Covid-19 death rate, and the heartbreaking news of more racial injustice, there is still hope.

Well done to Tanisha for speaking out against racism and inequality, and to everyone peacefully protesting for positive change.

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