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Five Multiracial Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Right now we need each other more than ever. Being mixed race, it can be stressful to know what to do, how to feel, and where to go to find like-minded people during such a divided time.

If you haven’t already seen, there is a huge community of multiracial women on Instagram who are ready to accept you with open arms and really get your experiences.

Mixed sisters, here are five Instagram accounts dedicated to celebrating and discussing the mixed-race experience that you need to have on your IG feed.

Mixed Present

Mixed present was created to bring mixed people together with shared support and knowledge. Run for and by mixed race people, Soph (@asiansoph), Greg (@gregslists), Tasha Rose (@tashar0se), and Malaina (@_malaina_).

Recently they have held Instagram live videos with Melania from the Mixed Aspect on whether the black mixed community can speak on black issues.

The Mixed Aspect

The Mixed Aspect celebrates ‘mixed culture in every aspect’. According to their Instagram bio, the page was created to embrace our differences, uplift each others confidence and unite as one.

They post empowering images of mixed faces, interracial families, powerful quotes and real perspectives from multiracial followers. You can even direct message or tag #TheMixedAspect to be featured on their feed.

The Mixed Girl Meet Up

This safe space holds uplifting events especially for mixed-race girls and women. The Mixed Girl Meet Up shares voices and stories from the worldwide multiracial community. They also share really helpful tips and advice, such as ‘how to communicate with racist family members’.

To celebrate Loving Day (the day that interracial marriages were made legal in the US), the Mixed Girl Meetup is holding a global virtual event on June 12th. During this event they will share mixed perspectives from 8 different countries, from China to Germany.

Mixed Race Faces

If you’ve been yearning to see people who actually look like you and your family, Mixed Race Faces is the page for you. The entire account is dedicated to beautiful portraits of people young and old from mixed heritage backgrounds.

Mixed Race Faces is a family-run account that was created in honour of founder Tenee Attoh’s mother, Rienkje Zoet, a white Dutch woman who married Fred Attoh, a black Ghanaian photographer in the 1950’s.

Back then interracial relationships were frowned upon in society, but that didn’t stop Rienkje from fighting to break down those barriers. Today her family continues her legacy by breaking down perceptions of race.

View this post on Instagram

British | Ghanaian “I know that both my parents were born and raised in Britain, but my Dad’s parents came here from Ghana to start a new life. Often when I meet new people one of the first things they ask is where I’m from. It makes me proud to say I’m half Ghanaian. It doesn’t bother me when they ask as it’s pretty obvious from my skin colour and hair that I have different heritage.

My role model is Maya Angelou. I’m able to understand the discrimination and prejudice she experienced. My parents named me after her because she was a strong independent Black woman, and that’s what I aspire to be every day. Coincidentally, we were quite similar in the things we enjoy, as she made a living out of her passion for writing, which is what I hope to do one day. We also both enjoy singing. We celebrate some of our cultures at home but probably not as much as we should do. We see our cousins quite a lot but not so much of our Grandma, as she’s often traveling back to Ghana and to my Aunt’s in Florida. She prefers the weather, it’s always too cold in the UK according to her. We all love peanut soup, fufu and my favourite jollof rice. When it comes to my cultures I like the fact that I have these two sides that go together to make me, and they go together to make me a well-rounded person. My parents talk a lot about their cultures, I feel like I have a good understanding of both of them and I understand where I come from. I’d like to go to Ghana soon though, so I can experience it for myself, my cousins went last year and loved it!” Want to read more? – Subscribe at #mixedracefaces

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Mixed in America

Run by old school friends Jazmine Jarvis and Meagan Kimberly Smith, Mixed in America’s motto is to bridge the gap, mix the movement, and find power in perspective.

With the Mixed in America organisation, they seek to create a safe space for multiracial people and help to heal racial divisions in the United States.


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